People Category: Leadership

Thanapong Na Ranong

Investments :
INVENT (2012-2017)
Ookbee: Series A
Meditech: Seed
Computerlogy: Series A (Exit to Yello, Korea)
Infinity Level Studio: Seed
Thapster: Series A
Playbasis: Series A
Golfdigg: Series A
ShopSpot: Pre-Series A (Exit to King Power, Thailand)
Wongnai Media: Series B (Exit to Lineman)
Omnivert: Series A (Exit to Facebook, USA)
Digio: Series A
Beacon VC (2017-Present)
Flowaccount: Pre-Series A
EventPop: Series A (Exit to Omise)
OokBee: Series B+
Grab: Series H (IPO)
Instarem: Series C
Jitta: Pre-Series A
Horganize: Pre-Series A
Aspire Capital: Series A
WorkMate: Series A
Digio: Series B
RoboWealth: Series A
Builk: Series B
Foodstory: Series A
Carro: Series C
Cryptomind: Pre-Series A
Primo: Series A