Workmate removes all platform fees to help SMEs and Daily Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic

April 4, 2020


Communities are being asked to do something they have never had to do before, stay at home. In every country, this is impacting businesses and the entire economy, as sectors have shuttered their offices and turned to work from home where it is viable.

No group is being impacted more than daily workers across emerging markets in Asia, whose livelihoods depend on earning a wage every day to put food on the table, often working in manual labor jobs that they cannot do from their homes. As companies close to help stop the spread of COVID-19, these workers are left without an income, without social security, and without savings to last more than a couple of days.

One company that is deeply concerned about the impact this pandemic is having on daily workers is Workmate, an on-demand staffing platform whose mission is “to organize the informal workforce by connecting people to more opportunities, increasing their incomes, social protection, and ultimately their quality of life”.

“These daily workers are at the forefront of our mission.” –  Mathew Ward (CEO of Workmate):

“We also know that SMEs are being hit just as hard right now, and many are looking for ways to reduce fixed costs and move to more variable cost structures.  Many SMEs in the logistics or F&B space are essential to enabling the community to stay at home. For example, Workmate is now working with companies that are shipping equipment health and food products. So these daily workers are providing for their own family and the families of the millions of households that are practicing social distancing”

Workmate is in a unique position to help here, as the platform gives businesses the ability to increase manpower on the days they are busy, and reduce manpower on the slow days, and it is done by distributing work intelligently across our network of daily workers.

“We can help businesses reduce fixed costs, and help workers get access to more work. Therefore, we have decided to give SME’s access to the Workmate platform for FREE until June 30th. This means any SME who uses the Workmate platform and pays with a credit card, will only need to pay the workers costs, with zero Workmate fees.

It is our small way of helping two of the groups hit the hardest during this pandemic. We hope that this small gesture can go some way to helping small businesses and at the same time give more opportunities to the daily workers who need it most.”.

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